Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Princess' Big Night Out

Well last night was the big night she's been eagerly awaiting... The Princess went on her first date.... with her Daddy! Her excitement grew as the time to get ready got closer yesterday...finally we dressed her in her ruffled hot pink dress, hot pink shoes, hot pink hair bow and white tights. she requested to wear her special occasion pearls that her great-grandmother, my Mimi, started collecting for her when she was born. While she was getting dressed, her Daddy got dressed in his best suit and the pink tie she chose for him to wear. As you can see here in the pictures, both the High Roller and his Princess were thrilled about the big night out:

They joined Princess' friend Virginia and her daddy, who also just happens to be a good friend of the High Roller's, for supper at a Japanese Hibachi restaurant before the dance. Naturally, I wasn't there to observe things first hand, but the High Roller said the girls giggled and chatted throughout their supper and used very grown up manners... no dresses were harmed during the meal.

Then they were off to the big dance! They did the chicken dance, the YMCA, and they even played the Princess' favorite song, "Tiny Dancer"... She thinks it was written about her, as a budding ballerina, which makes me giggle.  Her daddy, the High Roller, who normally hates to dance and will rarely dance with me at special events, had a blast dancing with her (when she wasn't dancing with all of her little girlfriends who were there) and she was exhausted and ready to come home and go to sleep before he was ready to stop dancing!

She caught a second burst of energy once she got home, however, as she excitedly told me and her siblings about all the fun she had and showed off the beautiful mylar butterfly balloon her daddy let her bring home... and many fights over who can hold the balloon. The committee for the Pike Road Father Daughter Dance did an amazing job of putting this event together, and I am very grateful to them for their time and efforts.

I was so excited for her to get to experience how she should be treated on a fun evening out, and how gentlemen should treat a lady, regardless of her age. She's very lucky to have a daddy that can show her what she should expect and demand in her future relationships... both by his everyday interactions with me as his wife and sweetheart, as well as how special he makes her feel on occasions like this one. This will become a yearly occasion that they will eagerly anticipate, and in a year or two, both of our daughters will get to enjoy this special night. Precious memories were and will be made that we can all treasure... holding on tight to them.