Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Threshold of Hell

Yep. We're currently there. It all started late yesterday afternoon. I was putting LLL down for the night, while the husband sat in the den with the older three hooligans... And I heard the yelling from inside LLL's room. Serious turmoil. I walked out to find the Princess and Sundance sitting meekly on the couch. BC was in the kitchen, holding a rag on his eye. He moved the rag to show me a gash on his brow that was about two inches in length, and pretty deep... Pouring blood. Husband decided to stay here with the other kids while I took BC to Urgent Care... I will say, that kid is tough as nails, which in knowing him, really doesn't surprise me. I was also very matter of fact about it, and we might as well have been shoe shopping, in terms of the level of excitement coming from both of us. Urgent Care staff was awesome, and the nurses fawned over BC... Like any guy, he ate this up. He sat happily flirting with the nurses and eating suckers that they kept bringing him.

Doc was able to glue the gash back together with dermabond and steristrips, because he felt like BC's young skin would heal fast enough to not do the stitches. An older kid or adult would've had to have stitches. The nurse finishing up with BC made him an awesome Pirate Eyepatch, which he totally dug.

So we came home, put BC and Sundance to bed, husband went to poker, and I thought I was going to get a break... I was wrong. LLL woke up about 30 minutes later , due to her respiratory virus/junk whatever, so I got her back to sleep. Then, when I cameout of her room, Sundance was running around (sleepwalking) and flapping his arms. Had to wake him to give him medicine for his hideous cough and congestion, then put him back to bed. LLL woke up twice more during the night and was up for the day at 5 AM.
After getting her to bed for her 1st nap, I came out to hear the husband, leaving for work, telling me the boys had painted our awesome beige, leather recliner with fingernail polish. Red, sparkly, nail polish. And it wasn't in just a few dribbles... It was smeared all over the arms and back of the chair. I diligently worked through one entire bottle of polish remover, and was able to remove about a third of the red stains, but the sparkles are still there. Gotta get some more polish remover to work on the rest later. Since no one is going to school today, I think they'll spend the day cleaning up all of the messes they've made in the past few days (that I haven't had the chance to address). In the mood that I'm in, I don;t mind playing Warden and directing the chain-gang to clean up the playroom and bedrooms. Real Housewives of Alabama, y'all!!!