Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Ballerina

Yesterday, I finally got to see what the Princess has been learning in her "Look at Me, I'm 3!" Ballet class. Her weekly classes are closed to parents (except for what we can see through the window blinds lol) so I was excited when it was announced that we could come in the classroom this week and see what they've been learning. Ace and Her Gigi (my Mom) also came to see her debut.... And of course LLL was along for the ride... And fought we me and whomever else tried to hold her during the performance together down and go join the ballet class. She's a wild woman. I am scared of her teenage years. But anyways, we were treated to watching the girls skip around the room (the Princess got to lead her little group and wasn't shy at all about doing so in front of everyone) they demonstrated their jetes (leaps), or as the Princess calls it, jumping over the red circle, and the big number was the Rudolph Dance that they'd been practicing. LLL went crazy when she heard the music (they have a live piano player for the classes) and proceeded to buck like a Brahman Bull to go join the class. The Princess and her classmates got to wear Red stickers on their noses and she did a good job of keeping time with the music and keeping her arms gracefully on her hips, although she opted to ignore some of the intended dance steps. At the end of class, all of the dancers get to choose a dance costume out of the trunk and model for the parents,(Mary usually chooses a Snow White dress, but surprised us by choosing a fluffy tutu... See the pictures) then dance in pairs and perform the Angel Dance, where they pretend to lie on a fluffy cloud and stretch their wings gracefully. We were very proud of her and it's so much fun to see her enjoying dance. The ballet teaching assistant, Baylee, is also a close family friend, along with her Mother, Heather, and her sisters Anne Elaine and Aidan, and the Princess calls them "her sisters", so it was really special that Miss Heather and Anne Elaine came to watch, as well. And help contain the bucking LLL. I can't wait to see her performances for years to come .