Sunday, April 1, 2012

Totally Nasty...

Debated on posting this or not.... But I guess I will bite the bullet and do it. A few days ago. The older 3 kids were out back playing and I was indoors feeding LLL. Suddenly, Sundance was banging on the back door and howling and crying. This isn't unusual for Sundance, because BC and the Princess enjoy ganging up on him and making him cry... Yes, you read that right... The 2 year old Princess makes her 4 year old brother cry. Told you she's a force to be reckoned with. Anyways, Sundance seemed to be in a bigger lather than usual, making a sound that can be described as across between a scalded cat and a kicked sheep.
So I opened the door to see him dripping wet and smelling.... Bad. Didn't identify the odor right away... But he told me the culprit soon enough. His skin was burning from where BC had shot him with a water gun.... That was full of urine. Pee. Tee tee. Piss. It was one of his foulest stunts yet. I was stunned. And curious not only as to WHY he'd done it, but HOW. After I had sprayed Sundance down and returned him to his semi-calm mode, I started to handle BC for his crimes, and demanded answers. He apparently filled the gun from the um... Direct source, and to quote him on the WHY, "Pee is more surprising than water in a water gun. And has more kick to it."