Sunday, April 29, 2012

Holy Cookies

The kids were all playing in the garage while the husband and I dared to lounge in bed for a few minutes.... Had been up dealing with them for a couple of hours so it's not like we were dead to the world asleep, or that they'd had full reign of the house. We heard insane laughter from the garage... And walked in to find this: Nilla Wafer Hell. We had bought a new box at Costco, yesterday, for the boys school lunches... And BC snuck them out of the pantry and into the garage aka their den of iniquity. They had eaten about 1/2 of the box of cookies, which is really like 2 of the regular sized boxes, and crushed the other half into the garage carpet. I'm sitting here with BC and Sundance, and they will not leave the room until every crumb is picked up.... The Princess cracked me up when she discovered the mess( amazingly, she was not involved in the catastrophe) because she started running around and stuffing every bit of cookie that she could grab into her mouth.... like a squirrel. And there will be no Dyson vacuum to save them. I will be sitting here with my phone and a drink, playing warden.