Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sometimes I'm Scared...

... That people won't want to have my kids in their homes after reading this blog, but I really don't think they're the only kids to do these things... At least I hope not. And they seem to save this awesomeness for OUR home only, so don't be scared of them LOL.
That being said, this is another post about bodily excretions, so if you're easily disgusted, leave now.

Apparently, while I was putting LLL down for a nap, the newly partially-potty trained Princess pulled down her Princess themed panties, pooped on the ground, and put her panties back on again (Yes, I was totally digging the 'P' alliteration...  English Majors Die Hard). Why, you may ask? Because she didn't want to miss a captivating second of Max and Ruby. A Max and Ruby she had already seen a trillion times. Practicality over Cleanliness, I guess. I was made aware of this nastiness by BC, who accidentally stepped in the mess when he ran through the room. He then, of course, tracked the nastiness through the house in his search to tell me all about it. Had to spray his feet down in the tub, spray my feet down (he stepped on me during the fray) and spray the Princess' legs down. Then I attacked the carpet just nastier (the smeared, stinky carpet) in a manner one would with pet accidents... with some cleaner and BC's help. When I asked Princess why she didn't go to the potty instead, she blamed the mess on her new sparkly Barbie that Her friend Miss Marsha gave her.  Pragmatic and buck-passing at age 2. Never a dull moment.
Pooping soon, on a floor near you!