Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Would you believe that ...

... the Herd's current favorite song is "You Can't Roller Skate in a Buffalo Herd" by Roger Miller? I mean, I love it too, and it gets stuck in  my head for days... but it's hilarious to hear the Princess walk around singing about 'can't drive around with a tiger in your car' and Sundance singing about 'fishin' in a watermelon patch'. I actually kind of pride myself on them having somewhat eclectic music tastes for preschoolers.  If you've never heard it, take a listen :

Of Course Sundance's favorite song of all time, to my dismay, is Rod Stewart's "Do ya think I'm sexy"....  I guess Sirius 70's channel now has to be forbidden? LOL

I love my kids. Life would be boring without them.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Drivin' that Train...

.... High on Coke, Dr.Pepper and Sprite. I'm absolutely spitting nails right now. I went in LLL's room to put her down for a nap (isn't that how SO many of these incidents start?) and came out to find BC acting as bartender behind our bar in the rec room. He had poured his brother and sister, and of course, himself, a double old-fashioned's worth of caffeine in my leaded crystal drink glasses. He had also thoughtfully poured 7 or 8 cans of dr pepper into the leaded crystal ice bucket, shown here, and spilled a huge quantity of it on the floor. These soft drinks were for the husband's poker group.... I don't drink them and I CERTAINLY don't let the kids have them... Especially BC... Caffeine or excess sugar turns him into a raving meth-head... And he's already been wild and in trouble today. He will be sitting in time out the rest of the day until bedtime, except for dinner. He also has to deal with an angry Daddy when he gets home and apologize to the poker group for ruining their drinks. The Princess seemed to think it was an elaborate tea party and keeps asking for more fizzy tea. Long afternoon ahead. Anyone have tranquilizer darts? The refrigerator shown below had an entire 12 pack of each type of drink.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Post Office Smackdown

Some back story before we get to the Herd's involvement here and how their insanity can be used to my advantage.
Tuesday morning I took the Princess and LLL to the PO to get my passport renewed, and the service was deplorable. In fact, I'm pretty sure I was the victim of racial discrimination... Had a line jumping incident that was facilitated by a postal worker of the sane race as the line jumpers, and I was forced to sit there with two small kids for an hour. Finally it HAD to be my turn, and the postal worker decided to take her lunch break. Because I was so infuriated, they sent another postal worker to help me... He was a cross between a gum-smacking good ole boy and a bad Joe Namath impersonator. When he called me honey and told me I had wasted an hour bc I was missing a document, I left almost in tears, Princess and LLL in tow. I decided to pay the USPS back for the treatment I received, by picking the boys up from school and taking all four of the Herd to the PO. Anyone who knows me knows that I pretty well keep my kids under lock and key in public. Not this time. I let them run WILD in the PO until I was served. In a matter of about 2 minutes, someone came flying in from the back room to wait on me. At this point, I called off the Herd. They sat down on the bench quietly and waited until I was finished with the passport stuff. We then got up, and marched out of the PO like a row of ducks. THAT my friends, is how you get quick service in the post office. Look out DMV, the Herd is coming for you.

Debated on Posting this....

But it's too funny not to.... Let three fully clothed kids out in the backyard to play... Came back to check on them 10 minutes later and this was going on :
They were taking turns spraying each other and using the umbrella to shield themselves. Did I yell at them to stop and put on clothes, you may ask? No. I did not. I picked up LLL, pulled up a chair to the window and watched the three oldest kids of my heart have an absolute blast. And wear themselves out. Which is always a plus :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Christmas in May

I had to move a huge clear plastic box of all of my GOOD Christmas ornaments from the computer room (which is being turned into a room for treadmills and such) into the garage, which means I will now harass the husband until he moves them into the attic. In the 20 minutes between the boys getting home from baseball practice until dinner was served, they opened and unpacked every single ornament in that box( The good stuff... Radko, Fitz and Floyd, Waterford... You get the idea), scattered them around the room, and ALSO plugged in AND unraveled every strand of Christmas lights. I was exhausted already from a very long and productive day, and seeing this about made me burst into tears. But as I sat down to repack all of these beautiful things, I realized that I hadn't seen most of them in years... As in 6 years. I have not put these lovely decorations up at Christmas since BC was a 3 month old, because I have always been scared one of them would get broken by one of the ever increasing number of little kids in our family. And that's a shame. A ridiculous waste. As lovely as they are, they're just THINGS.... Meant to be enjoyed.... And not hidden away for some perfect "safe" unknown, mythical date. So I resolved to actually use these things next Christmas. As I sat down to repack everything, I was flooded with memories of the people who gave them to me... Many of whom have now passed on. A Holiday shower was given in my honor as an engaged girl, so the majority of these things came from that celebration. This was a true case of serendipity .... I was not looking for a sentimental hour when I stumbled upon this mess.... But it reminds me to look for the joy even in seemingly bad circumstances. And that's the attitude I've got to hold onto to fully enjoy life with my Herd.
This is the huge Plastic box AFTER I repacked it... I was too distraught to take photos at the discovery of the attack !