Monday, April 30, 2012

Juice Box Guns

Seriously?! Just walked in on Sundance and the Princess squirting each other with Capri Suns, using the straw as the barrel, like they were having a water gun fight. I made them clean up the discarded emptys and sent them out back to play in the sprinkler to get the sticky off. Yay.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Holy Cookies

The kids were all playing in the garage while the husband and I dared to lounge in bed for a few minutes.... Had been up dealing with them for a couple of hours so it's not like we were dead to the world asleep, or that they'd had full reign of the house. We heard insane laughter from the garage... And walked in to find this: Nilla Wafer Hell. We had bought a new box at Costco, yesterday, for the boys school lunches... And BC snuck them out of the pantry and into the garage aka their den of iniquity. They had eaten about 1/2 of the box of cookies, which is really like 2 of the regular sized boxes, and crushed the other half into the garage carpet. I'm sitting here with BC and Sundance, and they will not leave the room until every crumb is picked up.... The Princess cracked me up when she discovered the mess( amazingly, she was not involved in the catastrophe) because she started running around and stuffing every bit of cookie that she could grab into her mouth.... like a squirrel. And there will be no Dyson vacuum to save them. I will be sitting here with my phone and a drink, playing warden.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sometimes I'm Scared...

... That people won't want to have my kids in their homes after reading this blog, but I really don't think they're the only kids to do these things... At least I hope not. And they seem to save this awesomeness for OUR home only, so don't be scared of them LOL.
That being said, this is another post about bodily excretions, so if you're easily disgusted, leave now.

Apparently, while I was putting LLL down for a nap, the newly partially-potty trained Princess pulled down her Princess themed panties, pooped on the ground, and put her panties back on again (Yes, I was totally digging the 'P' alliteration...  English Majors Die Hard). Why, you may ask? Because she didn't want to miss a captivating second of Max and Ruby. A Max and Ruby she had already seen a trillion times. Practicality over Cleanliness, I guess. I was made aware of this nastiness by BC, who accidentally stepped in the mess when he ran through the room. He then, of course, tracked the nastiness through the house in his search to tell me all about it. Had to spray his feet down in the tub, spray my feet down (he stepped on me during the fray) and spray the Princess' legs down. Then I attacked the carpet just nastier (the smeared, stinky carpet) in a manner one would with pet accidents... with some cleaner and BC's help. When I asked Princess why she didn't go to the potty instead, she blamed the mess on her new sparkly Barbie that Her friend Miss Marsha gave her.  Pragmatic and buck-passing at age 2. Never a dull moment.
Pooping soon, on a floor near you! 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Art Show

One of the blessings and curses of having so many children is the fact that there are tons of fun things to do with and for them... It's a curse in that a lot of things conflict on the schedule, and we have to make choices. Yesterday, the boys had their annual Art Show and Spaghetti Dinner at preschool. Due to schedule issues, we were unable to go... So I decided that we would have our own Art Show here at the house! We stopped by Sonic to get Orange Slushies for a treat, and then came home to decorate the entire kitchen with their artwork from school. They had a blast placing and taping their work up, and now they're making phone calls to invite viewers to their show. Fun memories.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Threshold of Hell

Yep. We're currently there. It all started late yesterday afternoon. I was putting LLL down for the night, while the husband sat in the den with the older three hooligans... And I heard the yelling from inside LLL's room. Serious turmoil. I walked out to find the Princess and Sundance sitting meekly on the couch. BC was in the kitchen, holding a rag on his eye. He moved the rag to show me a gash on his brow that was about two inches in length, and pretty deep... Pouring blood. Husband decided to stay here with the other kids while I took BC to Urgent Care... I will say, that kid is tough as nails, which in knowing him, really doesn't surprise me. I was also very matter of fact about it, and we might as well have been shoe shopping, in terms of the level of excitement coming from both of us. Urgent Care staff was awesome, and the nurses fawned over BC... Like any guy, he ate this up. He sat happily flirting with the nurses and eating suckers that they kept bringing him.

Doc was able to glue the gash back together with dermabond and steristrips, because he felt like BC's young skin would heal fast enough to not do the stitches. An older kid or adult would've had to have stitches. The nurse finishing up with BC made him an awesome Pirate Eyepatch, which he totally dug.

So we came home, put BC and Sundance to bed, husband went to poker, and I thought I was going to get a break... I was wrong. LLL woke up about 30 minutes later , due to her respiratory virus/junk whatever, so I got her back to sleep. Then, when I cameout of her room, Sundance was running around (sleepwalking) and flapping his arms. Had to wake him to give him medicine for his hideous cough and congestion, then put him back to bed. LLL woke up twice more during the night and was up for the day at 5 AM.
After getting her to bed for her 1st nap, I came out to hear the husband, leaving for work, telling me the boys had painted our awesome beige, leather recliner with fingernail polish. Red, sparkly, nail polish. And it wasn't in just a few dribbles... It was smeared all over the arms and back of the chair. I diligently worked through one entire bottle of polish remover, and was able to remove about a third of the red stains, but the sparkles are still there. Gotta get some more polish remover to work on the rest later. Since no one is going to school today, I think they'll spend the day cleaning up all of the messes they've made in the past few days (that I haven't had the chance to address). In the mood that I'm in, I don;t mind playing Warden and directing the chain-gang to clean up the playroom and bedrooms. Real Housewives of Alabama, y'all!!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Princess in the Supertub

The Princess begs to get in my jacuzzi tub.... She calls it the Supertub... Probably because it's so much bigger than her tub... But today she put shampoo in the water, unbeknownst to me, and so when we turned on the jets, serious bubblage was created. And she refuses to get out now.... It's already been an hour!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

It All Started With...

A backpack. A purple, butterfly backpack, to be exact. My mom got it for the Princess a few days ago... To use this coming Fall at preschool, and for when she goes places during the day to hold her cup, lovey and pullups. Upon receiving it, she thought she would now be going to preschool. And we have been trying to convince her otherwise, ever since. This morning, we loaded up the car for school, and the Princess brought her backpack, too. I didn't think much of it.... Until we got to school and she started trying to undo her carseat and was yelling," I go to school NOW!!!!". I looked at the lady getting the boys out of the car and told her that the Princess would not be getting out, and Princess pointed her finger at the lady, scowled, and said in her most forceful voice," You get me out of this car right NOW!!!!! I'm going in!!!!!". The lady and I both looked at each other and laughed. When we drove off, I started getting on to Princess for talking to an adult that way and for acting ugly, and she just kept scowling at me via the rearview mirror. She looked like Snoopy doing his glaring, angry look. She was dealt with for this incident... But it's still funny, and I'm thinking this is only the beginning.

I Really, REALLY Hate...

Easter Grass. It's like sand in a wet bathing suit... When you think you've gotten rid of it, BOOM there's another annoying piece. Or you could just dump the crap everywhere, like the Princess and Sundance did while I was putting LLL down for a nap. I am sitting here trying to figure out how to tackle this mess. And not tackle them.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Do the Potty Dance

I've had all of the necessary tools for potty training the Princess for a few weeks now, but haven't started the actual training because things have been crazy around here. Randomly this morning the Princess announced that she wanted to use her Princess Potty seat, so we gave it a try, and put her new Dora underpants on. After two accidents, and the drenching of poor Dora, the Princess ran to the bathroom in time and made it! She was very excited, and received a marshmallow as a treat and the privilege of flushing. She also made several celebratory phone calls. Hopefully the trend will continue, and she won't use her bathroom successes as weapons... Like her brother, BC.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Revenge Thwarted

Did battle with a backtalking BC who was completely out of control. Finally got him settled into a temporarily calmed state so I could put LLL down for a nap (she had been awake for FOUR hours... Overtired and angry). Came out of her room to find BC about to pour this all over the carpet. He's not happy right now... Let's just put it that way. This is an entire bottle of green dawn soap that he was going to pour on beige carpet. Mission Failed.
Mom-1 Kids- 999,999

Monday, April 2, 2012


This will be the last post on pee that I have to blog about, and once again I'm horrified, but I will do it because this is somewhat of a tell-all.
Walked into the boys room this morning and smelled urine.... Very strong urine ... Like knock you down urine smell. I immediately started grilling them, and Sundance pointed at BC, yelling "he did it!!!! He peed in a bucket!!!!" I was slightly confused... Then Sundance gestured under the bed. BC apparently decided to turn a Cars Toy bucket into a makeshift chamberpot. I started yelling and getting mad, and he said, " I thought it was a good idea, myself. Much easier than walking to the bathroom." I just shook my head. As soon as he gets home from school, he will be emptying it and scrubbing it out, himself. Yuck.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Back to School...

I just told Sundance that he goes back to school tomorrow, and he said, "well I don't want to see Gracie!!!" (a girl in his class) so I told to close his eyes when she comes in the room .. And he said, completely deadpan, "That doesn't work... She's in my head and in my dreams"..... I think a lot of males suffer from this issue... Just didn't know 4 year olds dealt with it, too LOL

Totally Nasty...

Debated on posting this or not.... But I guess I will bite the bullet and do it. A few days ago. The older 3 kids were out back playing and I was indoors feeding LLL. Suddenly, Sundance was banging on the back door and howling and crying. This isn't unusual for Sundance, because BC and the Princess enjoy ganging up on him and making him cry... Yes, you read that right... The 2 year old Princess makes her 4 year old brother cry. Told you she's a force to be reckoned with. Anyways, Sundance seemed to be in a bigger lather than usual, making a sound that can be described as across between a scalded cat and a kicked sheep.
So I opened the door to see him dripping wet and smelling.... Bad. Didn't identify the odor right away... But he told me the culprit soon enough. His skin was burning from where BC had shot him with a water gun.... That was full of urine. Pee. Tee tee. Piss. It was one of his foulest stunts yet. I was stunned. And curious not only as to WHY he'd done it, but HOW. After I had sprayed Sundance down and returned him to his semi-calm mode, I started to handle BC for his crimes, and demanded answers. He apparently filled the gun from the um... Direct source, and to quote him on the WHY, "Pee is more surprising than water in a water gun. And has more kick to it."

Outfit of the Day

A Water Safety Princess