Thursday, May 17, 2012

Post Office Smackdown

Some back story before we get to the Herd's involvement here and how their insanity can be used to my advantage.
Tuesday morning I took the Princess and LLL to the PO to get my passport renewed, and the service was deplorable. In fact, I'm pretty sure I was the victim of racial discrimination... Had a line jumping incident that was facilitated by a postal worker of the sane race as the line jumpers, and I was forced to sit there with two small kids for an hour. Finally it HAD to be my turn, and the postal worker decided to take her lunch break. Because I was so infuriated, they sent another postal worker to help me... He was a cross between a gum-smacking good ole boy and a bad Joe Namath impersonator. When he called me honey and told me I had wasted an hour bc I was missing a document, I left almost in tears, Princess and LLL in tow. I decided to pay the USPS back for the treatment I received, by picking the boys up from school and taking all four of the Herd to the PO. Anyone who knows me knows that I pretty well keep my kids under lock and key in public. Not this time. I let them run WILD in the PO until I was served. In a matter of about 2 minutes, someone came flying in from the back room to wait on me. At this point, I called off the Herd. They sat down on the bench quietly and waited until I was finished with the passport stuff. We then got up, and marched out of the PO like a row of ducks. THAT my friends, is how you get quick service in the post office. Look out DMV, the Herd is coming for you.