Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Parties Galore!!!

Following Wednesday's exciting quest for a tree, both boys had their school Christmas parties. Poor Butch Cassidy's class has me for the Room Mom, but I did the best I could to have a fun party for them.... With a LOT of help from other Kindergarten parents. A monsoon-style deluge hit us the morning of the parties, but thankfully I didn't drown in the Target parking lot. I am so thankful that my boys both have wonderful, caring teachers and such sweet little friends in their classes. I brought Holiday themed Placemats for them to color and decorate after they ate their party food, and it was a blast to see all of the different ways the kids decorated the snow people on theirs. Some of the girls went as far as drawing ballgowns, jewelry, hairdos and long fingernails on their snowfield, while others concentrated on keeping their coloring very neat and traditionally colored. Sundance's class had a great time, too, and Ace helped by swapping classrooms with me so we could both spend time with both boys. After the boys came home, they got to go back down to the farm with Gigi and Poppy to decorate the country house and the tree. They also are supper at Red's Little Schoolhouse. It turned into a slumber party with all four of them sleeping in the same room with two double beds. From what I was told, there was much midnight laughing and whispering among the four of them and the two dogs, Molly and Goldie. Goldie kept visiting both beds and Butch Cassidy discovered the wonderful joy of snuggling up with a pup. He can't wait to have a dog of his own to snuggle with.... Or ten as he proposed. The next morning they got up and did a little tractor work and ate breakfast at the Tin Top again. More later on the marathon of fun that continued on Friday.