Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Random Surprises

By Jessica Azar
Is that title redundant? Oh well! Having kids has led to finding things in places where they shouldn't go frequently... Like on a daily basis. Make that several times a day. Over the years I've become less and less shocked by where I find things... Barbie in the toilet? So, what. Shoe in the freezer? Who cares... Unless I'm trying to fit even more frozen food in there... Then it annoys me that precious freezer space is being wasted. But today, after taking all of the kids except for LLL to school, I found something that cracked me up and made me smile. And it kind of amazed me. On the back of my SUV, on the rear gate handle that you use to open the back up, was a transformer hanging on for dear life. Starscream, to be exact, for you Transformer people out there. Somehow, he had stayed on there, clutching with just his wing, for the entire ride to and from school. With me driving 55 mph, and stopping at a couple of traffic lights... Taking various turns... He still hung on. I guess Sundance had been playing with him outside last night when I called him inside for supper. Hilarious. Never know what will happen next around here! 884c8c758befaa73bf5413992a8ac1175108f93e5a66591c87