Monday, February 17, 2014

A Talent Shines Forth

As I have illustrated in so many earlier posts, Butch Cassidy's mechanical inclination is a source of frustration for me in out household... He has dissected numerous appliances... Can't control himself when he wants to know how something works... Has boundless curiosity for the consequences of combining substances... But as he gets older, his curiosity and the knowledge he has gained from his lifelong career in experimenting is starting to become beneficial for me! Yesterday, LLL started crying at her door after waking up from her nap. I went to her door to let her out... But somehow she had locked her door from the inside. I ran to my purse to get out a debit card to pick the lock (I've gotten good at doing this over the past few years. Ha!) then back to her door to work it open. LLL was starting to get frantic at this point, and for some reason I was having trouble making it work this time...maybe he banging on the door and screaming were rattling my nerves... When Butch Cassidy walked up and said, "Mama, here... Let me try. A Capri Sun (juice box drink) straw works great". So I stepped back and let him go to work. He inserted the skiing straw into the tiny circular opening on the doorknob, where those pin-shaped keys go... We lost those years ago) and PRESTO! the door instantly popped open. He smiled at me and said "There you go!". I thanked him and praised him for being so creative and smart... He beamed with pride at getting to help. I told him he saved the day, and he's gotten me to recount the incident to everyone we've talked to today, which I gladly did. This situation gave me a glimpse into the future... And reminded me that many things that canbe frustrating often can become a blessing in disguise. I will, however, continue to pray that he chooses to become an engineer and not a criminal with his talents... The world wouldn't know what to do if he went rogue.