Monday, February 3, 2014

Groundhog Season?

So, by now you may have realized that my second child, Sundance, has a very biting wit... And the intelligent observations he makes add a growny or sophisticated edge to his comments. Quite honestly, he probably gets away with a lot of stuff that he shouldn't, because I share the same sense of humor. He also knows how to disarm me with it when I'm mad at him... I've got to teach him to temper it before he gets into serious trouble with another kid or authority figure.

ANYWAYS... He made a comment this morning on the way to school that seriously cracked me up.

Sundance: Mama, what's today? 
Me: Monday
S: No, no... The actual date
Me: February 3rd
S: What?! So Groundhog's Day was YESTERDAY?! (We actually made a point of telling the herd yesterday that it was GDAY)
Me: Yes.... We told you!
S: Ugh... Well so what did he say?!?!? Is it going to be an early spring?
Me: Actually, Phil said that we will have six more weeks of winter
S: WHAT?! They need to get a new Groundhog... This is ridiculous. 

I'm kind of smirking to myself at this point, and I hear him speak up again a few minutes later...

S: Mom, do people hunt Groundhog? 
Me: Huh?! I don't know... (I already knew where he was going with this)
S:If they do, there might be a new groundhog next year. Just sayin'.

My kid wants to knock off the groundhog so he can get a better weather report!!!! What am I going to do with these people? Besides laugh at them until I wet my pants?