Thursday, February 20, 2014

Packing Up! Going from Mama to Non-stop wife for the weekend

By: Jessica Azar
Packing for a trip with a big family is always an overwhelming task... even if the trip is relatively short and the kids aren't going on the actual trip with the High Roller and me. We are blessed to be going on a weekend getaway to Dallas... completely paid for by the High Roller's company, as a reward for him earning his way into the President's Club nationally for sales. I'm very proud of his hard work and thankful that I have a husband who takes pride in his job. He works hard to be a good provider for the Herd and me (the Herd Manager). But packing for myself isn't difficult... I can create the list in my head and start packing outfits, plus toiletries etc... but packing for the Herd is always a huge undertaking.

For one, things that I clearly remember washing two days ago and had intended to pack for them to wear at their grandparents' house are now either dirty or have escaped to the witness protection program, never to seen or worn again... Or at least until its the wrong season to wear it. And no matter how many pairs of socks or underwear I pack for them, I always forget to pack those for one of the kids, which leaves me looking like a negligent mom who doesn't care if her kid has clean underwear or not. There have even been instances where the kids have taken things out of the bags I have packed for them to put toys or something else in there to take with them, and then we get a call saying that Butch Cassidy has no pants or shorts in his bag to wear for the weekend. Thanks for making me look like a mindless slacker, son... like I needed any help with that. And then there's packing for LLL... she's the one that has me turned into a nervous wreck this time about leaving.

She has slept away from home before, but I was with her... and she has slept at our house with someone staying here to take care of her... but she's never slept away from home without me there. With some kids, I wouldn't worry as much... but she's very attached to me and clingy right now... like a separation anxiety phase. she gets antsy if I walk across the room and she thinks she's getting left behind... so leaving her for two days and nights should be interesting. it makes me feel like a bad mom for leaving her, because I know she will get upset... and when she gets upset, the Earth shakes. I feel bad for her AND my inlaws that will be taking care of her... even though I know she will be in good hands. Hers brothers and sister will also be there, so hopefully that will distract her as well. I can also count on her pouting and taking it out on me for a few days when we come home... but this is when I stop and remind myself that being a mother is NOT my only responsibility or calling in life... I was called to be a wife first, and honoring that relationship with special time is so so so important, and needed. We haven't gotten away together without the kids in almost a year... we are long overdue for some couple time. I always try to remind myself not to take our awesome marriage for granted, and that I want to stay strong with him long after our kids are grown. The kid are a huge part of our lives... but they aren't our lives. I also believe its good for the kids to see us nurturing our marriage, so that they will remember its importance when they're grown.

I cant wait to tell you about all of the awesome adventures we have on our trip... a trip to Southfork Ranch, of Dallas the TV show fame, is planned, and Im sure other stuff will be, too!

Do you have any tips on packing for kids? Anything we should see in Dallas for sure? Any way to make LLL happier while I'm gone?