Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Finally, at about 4PM, the big white flakes began to fall at our house.

A little neighbor boy came over and knocked on the door, wanting the Herd to come outdoors, and so the process of cold-proofing the kids began. I was soooo excited to see that ALL of the cold weather gear I organized in their rooms a couple of weeks ago had been scattered to the four ends of the house.... So the treasure hunt was underway. Piece by piece, I prepared the boys, the Princess, then LLL with whatever I could find. They looked like mismatched ruffians, but at least they were warm. And cute. :)
While I was getting the Herd ready, the High Roller got dressed and headed out with them so I could get dressed. Finally, we were all outside. Like thirty minutes later. It was beautiful!!! The kids were playing with neighborhood friends, and we got to talk to our neighborhood friends, who were also outside, for the first time in forever.
It was so nice! It made me think about how God gives us just what we need when we need it... We've had Holidays... And weekends... But those all get full because we pack them full of plans. And plans are nice, but not necessarily relaxing. On a day like this, there's nothing you can do but go with the flow, relax, and enjoy each other. Plans and scheduling are a man made invention.... Not God's. I currently have a bucket outside collecting snow for snow cream! Let's hope I collect enough . 
The kids had so much fun attempting to make snow angels and throwing snow teach other.
We were all trying to catch snowflakes in our mouths and getting them all stuck in our eyelashes. Good memories. Now I'm drying a massive amount of wet clothes and warming up people with blankets. Hoping they go to bed early!