Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow Fun

Since we never EVER have snow, I've been trying to remind the kids to do all of the things that you can only do in snow. They've had a blast throwing snowballs... Making (sort-of) snowmen... NOT sliding on the ice patches that cover our driveway... And of course, we made Snow Cream.
It was so much fun... And tasted soooo good. LLL refused to give her cup back for an hour after she finished her allotment... Just kept scraping the sides with her spoon and licking the remnants. THAT good.

A lot like an Icedream from Chik-FIL-A. I added Whipped Vodka to mine and it tasted like a piƱa colada. Yum.

I played outside with the younger three Herdmembers outdoors while the High Roller worked indoors on business and Butch Cassidy went down the block to play.
We played in our backyard with some sweet neighborhood friends.
It's so crazy to watch Sundance and the little girl across the street, J, play, now that they are both six years old...

When her parents and our family moved on this street, J's mom was very close to giving birth to J, and I was about a month behind her in delivering Sundance. It's been amazing to watch them grow up together, and as siblings have been added to both families.... Such a blessing for the kids to have people they can always talk about their childhood with. 

There are some street friends from childhood I still think about and talk to now, and those memories of adventures and misadventures are fun to relive. Like the time my friend and I decided to make a cigarette (we were about nine or ten) out of a piece of typing paper, and stuff with with leaves and pine straw. She inhaled, I lit the thing... Fire ensued... We got it handled before anyone knew. I've never seen black smoke pour out of someone's mouth like that before though, and it hope I never do again. Need to ask her if she remembers that. But I digress!  
LLL did great as long as she stayed away from the ice... Which wasn't often. She's a glutton for punishment, I think... I only slipped once... Okay twice... And I didn't like it a bit. She kept going back for more. Most of the time she liked to sit in the kiddie chairs with the snowman in the neighbors' yard.

Im being bugged to go get more snow for snow cream, so I will write more later!