Friday, January 31, 2014

Mom, Interrupted.

Like I keep saying, being a Mom is seldom predictable. I was mentally counting on being able to catch up on overdue housework and errands today.... but that hair-do fell flat as soon as Butch Cassidy started puking yesterday evening. Poor thing was violently ill; couldn't keep a sip of water down until well after midnight. Normally on a Thursday night, I go for a run or do yoga, catch up on shows I cant watch with the Herd present, and basically do whatever I please, while The High Roller plays cards with his friends in our game room/garage/whatever-we-need-it-to-be room. Obviously, that much needed break didn't happen... instead I took care of Butch Cassidy and tried to edit some of my writing... while Transformers played on TV. And while I was working, I realized that I was mad. So I started dissecting what could've made me mad, and why I felt that way.

Then it dawned on me.... Oh yeah... I'm a Control-Freak. 


Being a Control-Freak has been my arch nemesis in life, directly or indirectly, for as long as I can remember. Although having a houseful of kids has taught me that I, in reality, control very little, old habits die hard. Just when I think I've got a better grip on it, it yanks the rug out from under me.

There should be a Tweve-Step Program for people like me. 

 Superficially, I was upset that my child was sick and that my other kids would probably catch whatever he had and also be sick... which, in turn, meant more double-overtime for me as a Mom... But it also royally ticked me off that I couldn't do anything to change it. All of my plans and my semi-break (peace and quiet while folding laundry) that I needed after a week of EVERYONE being underfoot had vanished. I felt like the Coyote alllllllmost catching the Roadrunner, only to grab empty air once again. Sigh.

So far, the best solution I've found is to concentrate on what I CAN control in the situation. Like my attitude, or focusing on ways to make the situation more tolerable. People who have grown children always remind me that these days won't last forever, and to enjoy them, so that's exactly what I'm trying to do. Even though I can't control the circumstances of the day, I CAN control some things.

My energy and patience are nearly tapped out....But I'm going to go for broke by putting all of the remnants of "Good Mommy" left to use and snuggle my kids.

And remind myself that the plans I had were probably not that pressing.

And count down until Herd bedtime so that I can have a drink....

Glenmorangie Lasanta 12, neat, to be exact.