Tuesday, January 28, 2014

12 PM Update

Natives are getting restless. If I get asked about when the snow will arrive one more time, I might let them wait outside so they can see it as soon as it gets here. If this hysteria continues to escalate, I WILL be pouring the Single Malt Scotch early. It's a snow day, right? We DO have tiny icicles...

And the High Roller is home. I think he might be more excited than the Herd about the wintry weather. I'm about to let you in on a secret: Due to the fact that life moves insanely fast over here, and I have resigned myself to the fact that things get down when they HAVE to get done... A Homemaker Triage of sorts (I need to make a flow chart for that)... I have not nagged and thrown enough fits to get the High Roller to take our love Christmas Tree to the dumpster yet. It's been living in its stand on our back porch since January 2. So, when he got home from rescuing Butch Cassidy from school, he took the tree out in the yard to get icicles on it.... For the kids of course ;)
I was even going to get in the spirit of things and make the godforsaken Martha Stewart Ice Orbs, but I must've thrown away all of the water balloons in a junk purging fit.  Oh well. If they're lucky, and we actually get snow, I may make them Snow Ice Cream. I will spike mine.