Sunday, March 18, 2012

Just another Sunday...

Husband went fishing this morning... Herd has been wild and crazy all morning. There has been fighting over who sings "Soft Kitty", from Big Bang Theory,the best. The icing on the cake, however, has been the Rice Cereal Incident.

Apparently, while I was in LLL's room, attempting to get her to sleep for the 3rd time (the kids kept running and knocking on her door over unimportant things... Like Sundance demanding "may I have some olives?!".. For which they were threatened with a lifetime without toys if they didn't sit on the couch and wait for me to finish, and to not come get me unless someone was bleeding) The Princess swiped an economy size box of rice cereal from the pantry, and dumped it all over the carpeted den floor. I swear I spend half of my day cleaning up messes... Butch Cassidy had to show me how to use one of the vacuum attachments to clean it all up. He's finally earning his keep.

Before I could even say "why didn't one of y'all stop her?!" or "why didn't y'all come get me ?!", BC reminded me, "We'd have stopped her but you told us to not move off the couch! We didn't come get you because no one was bleeding". Then he SMILED at me. Sometimes it's a real pain to look into your child's face, and see you're own smart-ass self staring back at you. I do it daily.